Scholarship Opportunities

Last Updated: 3/3/2023 7:35 PM

Scholarships 2022-2023





Epsilon Sigma Alpha Outstanding Senior High Youth Award 3/1/2023 $500-$1,000 3.0 GPA, 2 letters of recommendation, transcript, essay on "What is the definition of an outstanding individual and how o I personally meet this definition?"  
4th Masonic District Scholarship 3/1/2023 $1,200 (2 awards, one male and one female) Must be planning on going to college, must provide FAFSA information, letter of recommendation, brief essay explaining how taking responsibility will play a role in your life as a college student.  

Jostens 2020 Photo Contest

3/1/2023 $1,000 Submit a photo in one of several categories.  

Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Foundation

3/1/2023 $1,000 (Renewable) 2.5 GPA, must have a career goal in the natural gas and oil industry (see Student Services for a list of careers), submit 2 letters or recommendation, 250 word or more essay detailing career goals, provide resume and transcript.  
Garmann Miller Scholarship 3/3/23 $1,000 (3 will be awarded) Must pursue studies related to professional design services in construction such as architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, interior design or a closely related field.  

R.K. Thompson Self-Reliance Award

Click link below for application

R.K. Thompson Self-Reliance Award Application



$500 (4 female, 4 male awards), $1,000 (one female, one male) Award for students who exhibit self-reliance. Given to students who, "do the best with what he or she has".  Must fill out application, provide references and write a 300 word essay on what self-reliance means to you.  

Believe in Ohio Statewide STEM Scholarship

3/15/23 $2,000 (1 or more to a VW County Student) Involved in a STEM project, write an essay, provide 2 letters of recommendation, 3.0 GPA  

Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship Fund

3/15/23 Up to $20,000 Financial need, 2.5 GPA, involvement in an extra-curricular activity, work experience, completed application, FAFSA.  

Louie Family Foundation Scholarship

3/17/23 $4,000 (25 will be awarded) 3.7 GPA, ACT score of 27, 2 reference letters, outstanding personal achievements, leadership qualities and/or community service.  

Central Insurance Companies Educational & Charitable Foundation Scholarship

3/31/23 Up to $5,000 (renewable) College major must have a specific use in the insurance industry (see list), 3.0 GPA, fill out application, include transcript, letters of recommendation and an essay, "My career goals"  

Fields of Learning Scholarship

3/31/23 $1,000 (5 available) Write a 700-1500 word essay describing personal learning experiences which involved high school football. Can be players, cheerleaders, band members, spectators, etc.  
Shirley Johns Hart Scholarship 3/31/23 $500 (2 will be awarded) For VWHS seniors. Based on demonstrated financial need, academic achievement. Must be accepted to a post high school educational institution. Short essay on educational career plan and situational need.  
John Fox Maney Memorial Business Scholarship 3/31/23 $1,500 For a VWHS senior planning to major in business administration or any other business-related field. Must have financial need, good character and be civic minded.  
Margaret Shaffer Maney Memorial Music Scholarship 3/31/23 $1,500 For a VWHS senior planning to major in music or music education. Other criteria include financial need and personal character.  
Adolph and Letitia Weck Scholarship 3/31/23 $500 (w will be awarded) For two VWHS seniors. Must rank in the top 1/3 of the class, explain why you are a worthy candidate for the scholarship.  
Van Wert Service Pack Scholarship 3/31/23 $500 (2) Must be a 2 year member of the Van Wert Service Pack, 2.75 GPA, rating sheet filled out by 3 teachers or advisors, short essay  

Mote & Associates Scholarship

3/31/23 $1,000 Must be pursuing a degree in engineering, surveying, architecture or closely related field. Write an essay about your goals & aspirations  
Farm Focus Scholarship 3/31/23 $500-$1,000 For students pursuing a degree in an agricultural related field, GPA 2.5, fill out application, essay explaining why you think agriculture is important now & in the future.  

Ohio Gas Association Scholarship

3/31/23 $1,000 For students planning to pursue a career in the natural gas industry or related energy field (including business). Must plan to attend an accredited Ohio college, 3.0 GPA, 2 letters of recommendation, short essay.  

Van Wert County Farm Bureau Scholarship

3/31/23 $500 Student or parent/guardian must be current paid members of the Van Wert County Farm Bureau, 2.5 GPA  

Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship

3/31/23 $10,000 (200 will be awarded) Must demonstrate financial need, 2.5 GPA, must be planning on studying engineering or computer science, demonstrate leadership, participation in school & community activities.  
Braun Engineering Scholarship 4/1/23 $1,000 Must be a member of Project Lead the Way, school of choice must have an engineering program, major must be engineering specific, 3.0 GPA, demonstrate good character  

The CHURCH Scholarship

See Student Services

4/1/23 $1,000 (Up to 3 will be awarded) Complete application, letter of recommendation, one page essay, "how have you demonstrated godly character within the activities you have been involved in and how have you made a positive impact on the lives around you"  

United Producers, Inc. Scholarship Program

4/1/23 $1,500 (Up to 10 will be awarded) Must be a member or child/grandchild of a UPI member or nominated by a member. Member must market at least one head of livestock at UPI per year. Fill out application and personal essay  
Leslie Scholarship Fund 4/3/23 Varies Must have been a member of the Van Wert High School golf team, 2.0 GPA, demonstrated high character traits and leadership qualities.  

Ohio-Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools

4/7/23 Wide range Available at certain Trade or Technology schools. Student must be nominated by a current member of the Ohio Legislature. Must also send recommendation letters and a short essay. See Student Services by March 5 so that nominations can be made by the deadline.  

The Trina Langdon Scholarship for P.I.N.K. Graduates

See Student Services for Application

4/10/23 $500 (will be awarded to a VWHS senior girl) Complete 2 essay questions, must have 2 years PINK involvement in middle school.  

Van Wert Optimist Club Scholarship

See Student Services for more Information

4/14/23 $1,000, $1,500, and $2,500 Must have 2 letters of recommendation, transcript, volunteer in the community. Volunteer hour sheets are available in the Student Services office. Return applications to Student Services.  
VWHS Athletic Booster Club Cougar Pride Award 4/14/23 $500 (2) Will be awarded to one male and one female athlete. Must write an essay answering the question, "What does Cougar Pride mean to you?"  
Schrader Realty 4/15/23 $500

One award will be given to a VWHS senior. Applications available in Student Services


Ohio Forestry Association Foundation                   E.B. Miller Memorial Scholarship

4/15/23 Varies Must be pursuing a program in forestry resources.  

Venedocia Lions Scholarship


$2,500 Must reside in York or Jennings Township in Van Wert County, must plan to attend an institution of higher learning (technical/trade, 2 or 4 year college)  
Van Wert Federation of Teachers Scholarship 4/7/23 $750-$1,000 2.8 GPA, Must major in education, parent/parents must reside in Van Wert City School district, student must have attended VWHS for at least 2 years.  

Student View Scholarship Program

4/23/23 $500-$5,000 (13 will be awarded) Online application. You will be asked information about yourself and your familiarity with colleges in our region.  

Ayn Rand Anthem Essay Contest

4/27/23 $25-$2,000 (84 will be awarded) Write a 600-1,200 word essay on one of threee topics from the book Anthem.  

Ayn Rand The Fountainhead Essay Contest

4/27/23 $25-$5,000 (84 will be awarded) Write an 800-1,600 word essay on one of three topics from the book The Fountainhead.  

Think For Yourself Scholarship

4/30/23 $1,000-$5,000 (4 will be awarded) Must write a 600-800 word essay based on their prompts involving free speech, curiosity and open-mindedness in your everyday life.  

B. Davis Scholarship

5/21/23 $1,000 Must submit an essay of less than 1,000 words on the topic: Describe the three characteristics of leadership you value most. Discuss why you believe that these traits are so important and how you feel that they are developed in an individual.  

AFSA Scholarship

8/31/23 $1,000 (5 will be awarded) Must be attending a 2 or 4-year college/university. 5 winners will be randomly selected by a computer-generated drawing. Must apply online.